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Can I reuse an eSATA external when I switch receivers?

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My HR21-100 is dying and I'm receiving an HR24; there is a one year old external Iomega MDHD-DVR 1TB drive on the HR21, and I know I will lose the recordings, however the drive I believe is fine.

If I plug it into my new HR24 will it automatically reformat (other, very old threads are saying no)? If not, what do I need to do in order to have my external drive cleaned off for the new DVR? Do I really need to go through the very slow process on my dying HR21 and delete every single recording before plugging it into the new DVR?

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Thanks everyone. I had no idea about the "delete all" functionality, or the fact that my series list would survive the move to the new dvr. That's great news. Looking forward to getting my HR24 and not having to wait 45 seconds for the program list to come up.
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