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Can I use Tivo Series 1 with HD receiver?

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I'm considering upgrading my D* service to HD, but I love my old (highly modified) Tivo and want to continue using it for recording shows. Since the new HDR20 seems to have lots of bugs I'm inclined to go with an HD receiver and continue using the Tivo -- provided the HD receiver is compatible.

My question is this: is it possible to connect a Tivo Series 1 to the HD receiver for SD recording and control it like I've been able to do with my RCA SD receiver?

Stretching this a bit: would it be possible to use the HDR20 DVR in the same manner with the Tivo for SD recording? Does the HDR20 have dual tuners? That way at I'd have my reliable Tivo as a backup for shows that the HDR20 loses (or runs out of capacity, etc.). I'm ready to dip my toes into the HD thing but want to have the SD Tivo at least as a backup DVR.

Make sense? Thanks all!
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SFS97 said:
You can use your SD dvr and HD reciever on the same TV. I don't believe you can connect them together(receivers). The HR20 is dual tuner and records SD as well as HD. And yes, it's a good idea to keep the SDdvr as a backup for the HR20.

Edit: If you get a new reciever, you could use the new remote control to control both the HD reciever and the Tivo.
Thank you for your response. I realize I can connect both devices to the TV; the issue is whether the Tivo can record an SD signal from the HR20 DVR or HD20 receiver (if I've got the model numbers right) AND issue the proper commands to them. It's been so long since configured my Tivo for the D* RCA receiver I've forgotten the details. I think they're connected via a serial link though I should think the old Tivo came with an IR blaster as well, but then IR codes may still be an issue unless it can learn new codes.
If litzdog911 is right and the Tivo 1 cannot control the H20 or HR20, and cannot learn the codes, I could use a spare MCE05 PC as a backup recorder for key shows.

Do the H20 and HR20 have Y/C outputs for an SD version of all SD and HD recordings?
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