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Welcome mossman.

I'm afraid that what you want will be extremely difficult to get. Almost all of the DVRs are leased. Keep an eye on the Buy/Sell forums here -- an occasional owned HR24 will show up, but they go fast and the ones I've seen were well over $100.

All the new HD DVRs have the same bells & whistles (except the new HR34 which has 5 tuners and can do RVU). But the older ones (HR20/21) are getting long in the tooth.

I know you don't want another commitment, but I think you should call DirecTV and see what kind of a deal they can get you for an adding an HD DVR (and MRV while you're at it). You might get it all free. And since you can only get your Sunday Ticket through DirecTV, do you really think you're going to cancel in the next two years?

Good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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