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Actually, they might, seems to me they have the talent

The Nets have some guys that can really play on that team. Van Horn, Martin, and Kidd I consider All-Star caliber. Kittles and MacCullogh are extremely solid starters, and the bench is one of the best in the league.

This team runs their motion offense well, especially when Kidd is in the game. Yet they seem to be developing more halfcourt stuff out of necessity.

What we're finding out about this Nets team is that they are learning on the fly how to withstand charges from teams - particularly big scorers. Pierce and Walker can get their points, but the Nets don't lose sight of their own scoring. And the balanced attack thing is really hard for anybody to deal with.

Byron Scott may not have won Coach of the Year, but his championship savvy is definitely helping the Nets advance in the playoffs.
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