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Can watch the Olympics in HD live but won't record!

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I have been watching the Olympics in HD using channel 82. We live in the NYC market so these have remained our way primary HD channels and we can't get OTA reception.

We can watch it live fine, but something weird is going on to prevent recordings -- though they don't tell you up-front. For example, last night I hit the record button around 11:45pm to be able to replay that great swim match-up for the kids in the morning. The button worked fine and acted like it was recording the buffer and what was left. But when we tried to play it in the morning it just gave us a message saying there was no video source because we were trying to record a channel we didn't receive. Today I tried setting up a scheduled recording of on 82 and again it recorded the event but when you try to play it says there is no video because we don't get the channel.

Anyone else having this problem? Anyone able to successfully record 82 on their 10-250? Since everything else works perfectly (other things are recording fine) it doesn't seem like a specific hardware failure.
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