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I live in the Salt Lake area, and have been avidly watching the Winter Olympics. My question is:

Can we send Bob Costas back to New York and get someone else???

His digs about the medals ceremonies on Saturday night were uncalled for, and his ramblings during the opening ceremony couldn't have been worse.

Just for some background, the medals are being given out during a ceremony in downtown Salt Lake with full fanfare. For example, on Saturday night, there was the medal ceremony, the awarding of the medals, Dave Matthews Band concert, followed by fireworks. They are packing 20,000 people in to the plaza for these ceremonies every night during the olympics - the only change is that the band changes every night (tonight was the Foo Fighters). It is a huge event to show appreciation to the people who live here and tickets were free (but hard to get).

Anyway, halfway into the medal ceremony on Saturday night, Bob Costas starts complaining that this is ridiculous and that these ceremonies will take until 2004 to finish, then went to commercial, as if the awarding of olympic medals is too much of a bother for him. What a jerk! I think people would like to have seen the awarding of medals and the concert.

Just my ramblings for today. Hoe everyone is enjoying the Olympics. It is exciting to have it here in my home town!


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I was in Salt Lake about 2 years ago doing some business and the Olympic stuff was just shifting into gear. It's a beautiful city but the thing that really struck me were the sunrises in the morning. It was early November and every morning we were treated to sunrises that looked like paintings. Very nice!

I agree with you Karl. Bob Costas is a pain. Sometimes I wish he would just retire.

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I had the same impression of him from the opening ceremony. But, I don't know which one was truly worse, him or that geezer Jim McKay. Jim couldn't get a full sentence out of his mouth on Friday night. Now I like Jim and always have, but he should be limited to the pre-recorded stuff where he can keep a handle on his studdering and get several takes to do so.

Bob feels a need to always have something coming out of his mouth even when it's not necessary. He really could stand to take a break every so often and let the viewer decipher what's going on.

The medals ceremony was kinda ridiculous, especially when there was plenty of real sports that had happened throughout the day that had not yet been covered. I would not want to see the program in it's entirety since NBC's coverage only lasts 3-4 hours each evening.

NBC's decison to try and carry the ceremony live without knowing the schedule and contents of the program itself was their stupid fault. Since then, they have only been showing the awarding of the medals.
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