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Can you use Vista Media Center for Media Share?

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Can you use Vista Media Center for Media Share? I have a Linksys WGA600n connected to an HR21 and a WRT310n connected to my PC. I have tried WMP11 and TVersity on XP with very little success with Media Share. My VISTA PC works off and on with Media Share, but usually it locks up the HR21. VOD and everything else works great with the HR21-700 v255.

I talked to Intel CS about Viiv, but they were zero help. All I got from them is Viiv is built into the PC. My VISTA box has an Intel motherboard with Viiv capability, but the Viiv software that came with the board only works with XP. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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xzi said:
"Media Center" will not do sharing, but all copies of Vista include WMP11, which includes sharing. Those "integrated" looking sharing features in Vista are not part of Media Center but of WMP11.

"Media Center" only works with Media Center Extenders, like XBOX360, Linksys DMA2100, etc.

Viiv is different altogether, a seperate sharing platform and install, from Intel. It is not related to WMP11 Media Sharing (used to be Windows Media Connect) or Media Center.
Is a WGA600N a media extender? Is there a way to setup a PC as a media extender with the wga600n?
jdmac29 said:
I have a vista media center pc and viiv is part of the media center. I do my media sharing with viiv. I think directv has version 1.6 http://directv.com/images/assets/media_share/IntelViivSoftwareDownload.html
I have version 1.7 of viiv and had good success with media share. I think you need either 1.6 or 1.7 for vista. Xp media center goes back to 1.5 viiv.
Directv has a doc also about viiv http://forums.directv.com/pe/index.jsp ( bottom right hand corner for link)

Good luck.
Thanks for the information. DirecTV had a download for VISTA. I will try it.
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