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Cancelled Autopay

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I recently cancelled autopay about 2 weeks ago because i didnt like the date it was going to be taken out. Well today I get up and they took the money out. Is there anything I can do.
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Was this an autopay debit directly from your Bank Account?

If you are sure you cancelled autopay, contact your bank and tell them that your account has an unauthorized debit.
if i do this will the amount be kicked back to directv.

And yes it was a debit from my bank account
Be careful, most of these autopay agreements tell you it may take 30 days to start or end. I would say that the delay may be the norm. I would not go and try to dispute a charge that you may have authorized.

That said, i have not read the D* agreement.
Thats why I only do autopayment thru Amex. Easier to dispute the charge then deal with DTV or someone like Verizon.
scarylibrary23 said:
if i do this will the amount be kicked back to directv.

And yes it was a debit from my bank account
Scary -- Your bank will investigate and see if the debit was authorized. You probably want to check with your bank on the dispute process (and if there are any fees involved). Be sure you are able to let your bank know when and how you notified DirecTV that they are no longer authorized to debit your account.

You probably also want to call DirecTV to see if they've processed your notification (and when), and why they debited your checking account without authorization.

Don't forget, you still owe DirecTV their money. So if the autopay is reversed, you need to get DirecTV a payment before the due date.
Usually these auto-pay things don't actually cancel until the end of the current billing cycle. Basically I'd just leave it alone since the bill is paid and then make sure that next month it doesn't happen again. If so then call up DirecTV and see what's up.
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