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I'm currently recording a program, but every time I try to change to another DTV channel it won't let me do so unless I delete my recording... I keep getting the following message:

"----- is currently recording. Are you sure you want to stop recording?"

then I get the following options:

"keep recording"
"stop & keep"
or "stop & delete"

then after I select "keep recording" it keeps me on my current channel and won't let me switch to another.. does anyone know how to get around this? Is it a glitch or something?

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You can not watch live tv if you are recording on both tuners currently.

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stealthemoon said:
yes, both lines are connected.

Another thing: I'm actually recording two programs at the same time right now.. the only other channel I can turn to is the other program that's recording
Then there is no problem

Both tuners are in use. Each of the two tuners are recording something. There is not a third tuner for you to surf with.

You can:
Record 1, surf or watch a recording
Record 2 and watch a recording or what is recording

You can not, record 2 and surf.

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