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Cant get 115 in NJ tonight ?

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I have rebooted a number of times. Each time it finds new software but its 010b.. Why does it think it's new and make me download the whole thing again ?

Do I have to wait and download it to not corrupt anything or when it starts can I hit the reset button again and just boot normally ??

Any idea when 115 will happen again ?

Will this possible help get rid of the black recordings ?

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When ever you try the 0 2 4 6 8 code... it looks at the data stream... for a software version.

It it finds ANYTHING... it says it is NEW Software.
It doesn't not compare it to the software that is on the system already.

There is no 0x115 window tonight.
There are a "few" areas that DirecTV is pushing the update to (thus they can force the update as well).... I do not have a list of them.

The 0x115 will improve on reducting the Black Recordings... it doesn't not eliminate it.
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