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Can't see the 119, what are my options?

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Hello all. I recently upgraded to an HDTV and D*'s HD. I had been living just fine with SD in my condo, but the installer came out to upgrade the dish and told me this:

"I can see the 99, 101, 103 and 110 just fine (all 90+), but I can't see the 119 at all, it's behind the roof." He then told me that I didn't need the 119, and left (without finishing half the job, but that's another story). Obviously I need the 119 to get ESPN2 HD and DisHD and a few others that are important to me.

My townhouse runs north to south. I have two balconies, the one with my current dish which sees the 99-110 sats. The other balcony can ONLY see the 119, and none of the others. I asked the tech who came out later to troubleshoot the problem, and he told me there's nothing that can be done to combine them. He then proceeded to tell me a handfull of other things, many of them lies, erroneous statements, and half azzed answers, before he left in a rush also. I don't trust his answers and I am not playing CSR Roulette anymore this year:)

So my question to you good folks... if I can see the 119 from one dish, and the other birds from a second dish, can I make this work somehow? Is there any switch that will combine the inputs from two different sats and mux them into one single tuner (HR20)??? If so, will there be any significant drawbacks?

Thanks in advance... any input is appreciated.

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You're not really missing much HD stuff on 119, so you could do without it ....

The few HD channels on 119 will likely move or be mirrored from the new Ka-band satellites at 99 and 103-deg during 2007.

The installer is correct .... there's no easy way to combine a dish at 119 with the other dish. You can combine two AT9 dishes .... one receiving 99/101/103 and the other receiving 110/119. Read more here ....

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