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Somebody out there has to know how to setup Series Links to schedule recordings of Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

I can do them manually, one show at a time, that's all. I'd prefer not to have to try to remember on a weekly basis to help the HR20 limp through what should be it's primary function.

The problems:
1. These shows are titled with the Team Names for that week. When you try to record them, the Series Link tab never shows up. I can record them singularly, but not in a recurring way.

2. Trying to set up recurring recordings of these two games by using the Title Search or Channel Search or Keyword Search does not work at all.

3. Trying to set up a recurring 'Manual' recording fails. It seems the manual scheduler is totally broken. I can go through the 'Manual' dialog and set up the fields for

-recurring as opposed to one time
-channel to record on
-start time
-record duration

For me, as an example, that would setup ESPH to record on every Monday night, starting at 5:30 pm and recording for four hours (in case of long or overtime games).

My manual entry looks fine when it shows up in the Prioritizer, but it always just sits there and indicates no shows found. And while my manual entry process ends up telling me an entry will be put in the 'ToDo' list, no entry is ever poked into the 'ToDo' list. Even days later, there is still no entry in the 'ToDo' list.

Is there any way to work around what seems to be this string of faults in the HR20??

I can't be the ONLY one with this probelm. Can I?
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