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Have a 510 in my RV and a 722 at home, if I get a hopper to replace the 722 and use the 722 to replace the 510 in the RV I have to get another account for the RV. The CSR stated that the Hopper is the only receiver you can have on one account it has to replace all the receiver's on your account.
So even if I replaced the 722 I would have to get a second account for the 510?
I don't want to haul the hopper in the RV while I travel it won't record in the Forrest and I don't want to pay for a second account for a months usage a year.
Anyone else have this problem?

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DISH does not support ViP receivers on accounts with the Hopper/Joey, so yes ... you would need a separate account for ViP receivers.

DISH's idea of a RV installation is a 211 ... a receiver with no hard drive to be bounced around and damaged unless the customer adds an external hard drive (at their own risk). The Hopper has a hard drive so I don't see DISH considering it for RV installations.

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farmboy said:
Could I downrade my 510 to a 211 in my RV and then get Hopper at home?
If you have a Hopper on your account, you can't have ANY other receiver than the Hopper system on that account. You can put a Hopper in an RV, at least it has been posted it was done in the other forum.
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