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I am not 100% certain that this belongs in a sports forum as it involves sports entertainment. But here goes............

About 12 years ago the now defunct sports promotion known as WCW staged the first (and only) PPV event known as Capital Combat from the aging Washington Armory.

In those days I was a fairly active fan of wrasslin'. My boss an even bigger one. He often came to work on Monday mornings screaming about the dastardly actions of some heel on the past weekend's syndicated wrestling programs.

The aforementioned boss purchased two tickets to this event and took me to it. The seats were 3 rows from the ring. an excellent vantage point to watch the grapplings of Mean Mark Callus (aka the Undertaker) , the Road Warriors, and Lex Luger.

We arrived early and I was startled when a gentleman wearing a jacket saying "event Staff" pulled me aside and asked if I wished to have a small but nevertheless pivotal role in the evenings proceedings.

I was indeed offered the coveted role of the "Startled Bystander". It seems that on this Memorial Day Weekend "Robocop II" was being released and no less a figure than Robocop himself was going to appear and free Sting (one of the popular "faces" of the era from a cell built for him by the feared Four Horseman. My role was to feign shock as Robocop appeared.

Due to that scene and a few crowd shots I appear quiet prominently in the recorded action of this event. My question---can anyone help this Native chief find a recorded version of this moment?

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