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Cartoon Network Corner Bug (logo) Cut off

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I'm showing that the cartoon network corner bug (logo) on ToonHD is cut off at the bottom of my screen. Anyone else seeing this or do I have some serious overscanning?
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rrrick8 said:
I just checked. Mine is fine. Check your zooming level on tv.
my zoom is normal, you can see the whole corner logo, even the writing below the "CN"? This is the only channel I'm having this problem with
tonyd79 said:
It is because those morons at the Cartoon Network are stretching and cropping the picture, INCLUDING the bug.

Look at it on SD and you can see the difference (I checked it on Comcast as it is easier than unhiding SD duplicates, etc.).

BTW, mine is right at the edge.
thanks Tony, I'm having enough issues with DTV right now, the last thing I need is for something else to go wrong!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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