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Caution on Win Back Offer

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I am a Direct TV customer, formerly a DISH customer. This past Friday I receive a call from a DISH winback outbound call center wanting me to come back to DISH. I had recently had a billing problem with Direct, and had them calculate my term fee if I chose to disconnect. The disc fee with Direct is $300.
I tell this to the DISH rep, who places me on hold, then comes back and offers me what sounds like a deal to good to be true, which turns out it was.
She offers me a $50 credit in the 1st, 10th, and 20th months bills, plus $10 off the monthly package price for 12 months, plus, get this 19 months of 3 premiums for free.
Needless to say, I accept and schedule an install.
Install gets complete, and no premiums, call DISH, get into the winback group, not the one where they call you, but the center where you call in response to advertising.
Very nice rep in the call in center listens to my story, and says he has never heard of 19 months of free premiums. Says the other perks sound OK.
I try to get into the outbound call center, and he says they are unavailable.
Sounds like someones last day on the job trying to pump up their success rate, or a contract call center out of control.
They did agree to cancel the contract, and send boxes to have the equipment returned at their expense.
I did go to the Echostar web site, and left a message for Charlie Chat Ergen so he could see what was going on in his call centers.
Don't think I will be choosing DISH as a provider.
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When getting a deal that sounds too good to be true you need to get the person's name and phone number for future reference. Also ask to send offer in writing in an email. Only then would I "take" the offer.
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