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CBS local problem

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Hi all, first poster here.

Just got HD w/722 receiver and have noticed a few problems.

One that has my attention now is local ch 4 CBS here in St. Paul MN. At times on the 722 (most) the picture is erratic. OTA is fine. Two weeks ago it was totally unwatchable being quite jumpy. Now there is a fine horizontal about mid screen that separates the picture halves. Misaligned top and bottom by a small but obvious amount.

Other ch's do not seem to be affected by this.

Smaller issues reside also but for now..

Found a few related issues in my search w/cbs but they were outdated.

Any thoughts ?
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It is likely a problem at the POP (point of presence where they pick up the signal) or at the uplink center. Send an email to [email protected] with all the information you provided here and your phone number. It sometimes takes them a few days to fix the problem so don't expect a fix in 24 hours.
I also live in St. Paul and experienced the same problem with my recording of Numbers from 10/3. I have a newly installed 722. Earlier in the week, an NCIS episode was also messed up with the top half of the screen unstable for the whole show. During the next show, there was a blip and then everything was fine after that. It is good to know it is not the receiver that is the problem.
Tnx for the replies. Will forward the info to Dish.

5x5 same as you, glad to know it's not the receiver.
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