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How do you mess with success as your mainstay programming begins to get "a little long in the tooth?" Ratings juggernaut CBS rarely discusses its plans for the future publicly.

Apparently, in a curious burst of cautious, reluctant, public speaking, a person you may never have heard of, Nina Tassler, who has been very successful as President of CBS Entertainment since September 2004 and has been in key executive positions related to drama development since 1997, indicated this morning that CBS Corp.'s broadcast network will order a dozen or two pilots for television shows for next season.

This in itself isn't surprising. But apparently she said in a TV critics conference:
CBS is ordering "a couple" of pilot, or test, reality shows....

Music-related shows are among those CBS will consider for next season, Tassler said. CBS has been replacing older, more expensive programs from outside studios with less expensive productions that it owns and faces the prospect of canceling shows with sizable audiences.

"The bar gets higher and higher each year," Tassler told reporters. "Our goal is to improve each time period."
The Bloomberg article then mentions "NCIS:NY" which is a CBS Television Studios production and has done well in ratings particularly for Friday. And about musicals, I guess the critics have short attention spans as CBS ran ratings disaster "Viva Laughlin" in 2007. Anyway, fortunately for Tassler this isn't the only interpretation of what she said.

The are many other articles today including, one on defending "2 Broke Girls" and the whole Monday comedy lineup, another on increasing the presence of the character Carter in "Person of Interest". And a live blog rundown of the session with Tassler can be found here.

The latter article begins with:
Welcome, friends, to the executive session that was never supposed to take place.

CBS originally scheduled its winter Television Critics Association press tour day without an executive session with Entertainment President Nina Tassler, breaking with TCA tradition and protocol.

TCA members were unhappy. CBS decided to schedule a brief and last-second executive session with Tassler.
One can understand that. Tassler's success has been so remarkable, she knows she really only faces criticism in the future as being #1 makes you the target.
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