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CCTV 9 replacement

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Anything replacing CCTV9 on Monday?
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Glad to see CCTV-9 go, I rather like to see BBC world or NHK channel instead......

N5XZS said:
Glad to see CCTV-9 go, I rather like to see BBC world or NHK channel instead......

I'm not glad to see it go. Two reasons. 1) I think it's fun to watch the Chinese propaganda. 2) Because they haven't said if they're adding another news channel.

Now, if they pulled CCTV-9 to add NHK or BBC World, then I'm all game because reason 1 is more for fun.
I hate to see it go because i get a kick out of it. I would like to see more international news , however. I was always wondering why Directv never had a slew of channels from England, Scotland, or Ireland. I would subscribe to a package like tha.
I've been prodding them for a long time about adding more international news sources but, of course, always getting the usual canned responses. I totally agree that there should be an "English Language" package featuring channels from other parts of the world....if they can do this with at least 13 other languages, why not English?? I think they would be surprised at how many people would welcome such a package if they would supply it at a reasonable price.
I too sort of like the other slant on new stories.What ever they add,I hope its NOT on the 119 bird.For me its blocked during the summer months !
Noticed CCTV 9 was gone when I checked at 1 AM ESDST...the channel number does not even come up in the guide...so at least for the moment there's been nothing added to replace it.
I liked watching CCTV9 and will miss it. I asked Directv why they dropped it and here was the response:

"Thanks for your inquiry. As of August 25 CCTV-9 (Channel 455) will no longer be available on DIRECTV. We are unable to comment on this."

Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

I've hollered a bit about it - posted at one of the blogs I'm involved with. Even dumber considering NBC's spots on CCTV during the Olympics and highlighting an American journalism prof. on loan there for a year. And that DISH recently started carriage.

Propaganda? Not any worse than any fair and balanced GOUSA corporate crud.

And I really miss Biz China.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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