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CE for Dish?

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Is there a CE section that im missing for Dish like there is for Directv. So you can force "beta'' software before its NR?
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DISH keeps it's test software closer to the company and controls what software is sent to each receiver. There is no way of "forcing a download" of software not already targeted for your receiver.

DISH has occasionally asked for volunteers to test specific features of a new software before it goes "national" but these tests are unfortunately rare. There is no regular public "CE" style program.
If you did read all whining in Dish sections, you should know - almost each new FW is 'CE'. :)
Yep, every new release appears to be beta at best.
DISH Network is a leader in many things, so yes, DISH is on the cutting edge of technology. But that isn't what "CE" is about. "CE" is a DirecTV program where users voluntarily and intentionally force each download of pre-release software for testing. DISH does not have such a voluntary program in place. DISH normally tests via registered beta testers who sign non-disclosure agreements and report directly to DISH confidentially.

Some people like to humorously call themselves "beta testers" if they are "lucky" enough to be among the first customers to receive a DISH software release but there is a program in place for pre-testing software. It just is not an open process like DirecTV's "CE" program.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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