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Cecil County MD is technically Baltimore DMA, and they qualify for CCSN-MidAtlantic which features Orioles.

However, its Grade B for Philadelphia Broadcast stations (equally Grade B for Baltimore) and Philly stations (3 6 10 12 17 29 57) claim significantly viewed on the cable systems. Its a county halfway between both cities, but Baltimore can claim it better being its a Maryland county. Philly DMA mostly focuses on South East PA, South NJ, and Northern DE.

Unlike NY and Philly that share Mercer and Ocean Counties in RSNs (YES Yankees claim Mercer County even though Mercer is Philly DMA, Phillies claim Ocean even though Ocean is NY DMA), the areas between Philly and Baltimore are usually either Philly or Baltimore media focused, not both. Kent County in DE gets CCSN Philadelphia but Sussex gets CCSN MidAtlantic. I dont think they get both in either of the counties. And although this isnt used, Cecil is considered part of the Wilmington DE radio market, not Baltimore. I think the US Census also classifies Cecil with Wilmington not Baltimore.

But back to the point, does Cecil County get any blackouts for Philadelphia sports which Comcast has monopoly over? Example, if Sixers are on UPN 57 and say TNT, would customer in Cecil County have blackouts or be treated as if they lived in Baltimore and not even near Philly?
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