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Celtics acquire Baker in five-player deal

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The Sonics have made a bold move that could eventually change the entire face of the franchise.

The Sonics have traded Vin Baker and Shammond Williams to the Celtics in return for Kenny Anderson, Vitaly Potapenko and Joe Forte.

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The Celtics are an up and coming team ... maybe that will light a fire unders Baker's ass! He did play college out in Hartford so maybe a change of locale will help .. I doublt it and how will he fit in withe Walker and Pierce. There still is only one basketball.
I believe the Celts just stepped down a rung on the talent ladder. Baker is a pant-load! He plays when he feels like it..
I know the deal was to beef up bostons front court, but taking Kenny Anderson away from boston leaves them with a huge whole at the point, who will step in, a shoot first guard in Delk, an unproven Shammond Williams, any ideas..?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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