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Champaign - Decatur - Springfield, IL - LIL's

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According to the DirecTV website (someone posted the link here) The Springfield - Decatur - Champaign IL market is supposed to have Local HD's on the satellite in September.
Another week has passed and nothing.

Now, in this market, you either have to have 2 dishes, one pointed basically away from where the 5LNB points.

My installer did not install the 2nd dish. So, the only way for me to watch local programing is with my OTA.

Anybody have ANY clue as to what markets are coming next week?

Or, better yet, when this market in Illinois will get the Local HD's off the satellite?

Thank you, a concerned, but happy DirecTV subscriber....
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I guess I got bluegrass-ed.

In Lexington, KY Bluegrass Satellite was great. Never a problem (And I had installs in Louisville, and Lexington, upgrade to HD in Louisville, add lines in Lexington, and the list goes on).

In Decatur, it wasn't BAD, but but but, I didn't know I needed 2 dishes! At least DirecTV sent me a free AM21 for my R22-100. So, in my bedroom I get great local channels, R22-100 with AM21.

In the living room I have an HR20-700, and the reception is spotty.

I HAD a HR20-100, but one of the tuners went out. Now, I dont' know why this is the case, but on my HR20-100 I received great locals with the same antenna I am using now..
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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