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Change of Zip Code

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Hello fellow satellite techies, I'm new to the forum and my first question is...When you move and change states, can you just change the zip code on your set up screen and adjust your dish accordingly so it can pick up the new spot beams and local channels or do I have to call Directv and then have them resend some kind of signal to my new location?
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You have to call and update DirecTV so you're authorized to receive the correct channels.
Thanks for the quick reply!
The zip code thing in the receivers is just to give you basic aiming instructions for installing/aiming the dish. It doesn't have any effect at all on what channels you get (except the zip code inputs for the AM21 Off Air Tuner, but that is a seperate setting that you can't see unless you have on hooked up). As Sigma said, in order to get your account set up to get the proper local channels and regional sports networks you have to call DirecTV and have your service address updated to the new address. They then send a signal down from the satellite to your receivers to tell them what channels you are now authorized to get in that area.
And if I didn't call Directv would i just lose all the local channels and keep my national channels or would I lose those as well?
The TOS requires that you notify them of the physical location of DirecTV equipment, so you'd be in violation of that.

If you're still in the same spot beam area, you could still receive your old channels, but I think that probably violates some FCC regulation about living in one DMA and receiving stations from another DMA.

Why not call the Mover's program (1.888.DTV.MOVE)? They are offering up to $500 in savings for 'qualified' customers ("Qualifications based on tenure, package level, payment history and other factors"). A lot of unknowns as to exact qualifications, so until you ask the question, you won't know. But call and find out; the worst that could happen is 'you're not qualified' and you end up doing this as a DYI move.
To answer your specific question, if you move outside of the spot beam providing your local channels, you will lose your local channels. You will retain all national feeds.

However, it is part of your contract to provide DirecTV with the location of your equipment, so you certainly should do that. That will also assure that you get the proper local channels for your location.
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