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Hi, I recently got everything installed with Directv but I now have one last problem. My setup is 3 standard receivers and 1 DVR. What I need to do is get rid of one of the standard receivers and get another DVR to replace it.

Obviously, Ive checked Directvs website and I see where to buy the DVR, but I dont see anywhere to remove one of the standard receivers from my account, how do I go about doing this?

Also, are there any fees to switch a standard receiver with a DVR? (Im sure there are but I would like to know before)

One last thing is that on Directvs website the DVR is $104 with tax. But when I called Directv they gave me some kind of ridiculous price like $260. Whats the deal with the drastic difference? Also, on the phone they told me I have to get the DVR installed professionally, is this true? I have a multiswitch down in the basement and it has room for another cord so nothing new needs to be installed.

Thanks in advance.
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You would need to call DIRECTV to deactivate the receiver you want to cut off and they will ship you a prepaid recovery kit to return the unit to them. Then you would need to either drop it off to FedEx or call them to pick it up from you.

As for the DVR it should only be $99 plus tax. You can order it from them or pick one up at a local retail store or order it from an online retailer. If you are able to run a 2nd line from the multi-switch to the location you will be good to go. If you need a installer to come out than there will be a charge for him/her to set it up. I am not sure how much.
It's most likely breaks down like this since you are relatively new customer

DVR - $99
Installation - $99
New customer charge - $69 (kinda sticks it to new customers, but it is what it is.)

If you have a 4x8 or 6x8 multiswitch and are capable of running a second line to where the new DVR is going to go, just do it yourself. Then you just need to get the DVR from Best Buy or some other box store.

Or, you could flag down an installer to run that line off the books for much less $$$ and still get the box at Best Buy, etc.
Actually, it would be $99 for the dvr, $99/$80 for the install, and $50 for the new cust charge (+tax). It would need to be paid via credit/debit card, though.
ToiletKitty said:
Actually, it would be $99 for the dvr, $99/$80 for the install, and $50 for the new cust charge (+tax). It would need to be paid via credit/debit card, though.
my 2 cents

99 for the DVR. 99 install, 19.95 shipping. plus tax/ 50 for new customer/

2 year agreement starting day of 0rder or activation. get it at retail and save the shipping and if you install yourself save the install and the 50
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