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billyinlasvegas said:
I currently have the Choice Xtra + HD DVR package with HBO, MAX, Starz and SHO.

When I go online to my account it shows that every single package online is cheaper
Take the package price shown (make sure you are logged in, so you get the current customer price, and not a promo price), add $10 for HD, and $7 for DVR to the prices shown. Then compare those prices with your current package. I believe your package is expired now, so if you drop it, you cannot go back BUT, it also included a $10 per month charge for HD service, which you MIGHT be able to get for free for 24 months if you are on, or sign up for autobillpay.

Whatever you do, do it soon, as the Choice Extra package will soon become Choice Extra Classic and will not allow you to select that package. The replacement Choice Extra package hasnt been announced yet, but speculate it will contain less channels, and those channels will move to Ultimate.

Im not sure what your current package price is, but Choice Extra is $65.99 + $10 HD + $7 DVR, so if you are paying more than $72.99, you might do better to try to get the FREE HD for 2 YRS and pay for Choice Extra and $7 for DVR instead of your current package.

It will get even more confusing in February, when everything changes names, and new customers get bundled advanced services instead of line items...
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