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billyinlasvegas said:
Let me start by saying that I've been a DIRECTV customer for only 3 years but I couldn't be happier with my service.

But after spending some time on DBSTalk (mostly lurking) I'm a little paranoid.

I currently have the Choice Xtra + HD DVR package with HBO, MAX, Starz and SHO.

When I go online to my account it shows that every single package online is cheaper (except for Premier). I want to change my package to something cheaper to save a few bucks but I intend on keeping my premium channels.

What's the catch?
Am I getting hit with some different fee? will I enter a new commitment?
Your current package has the HD fee and DVR fee built in. Don't forget too add $7 for the DVR fee and $10 for the HD fee. The HD fee maybe able to be waived if you are on autopay or sign up for autopay.
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