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Channel 383 NBCW

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NBCW is on Channel 383 in the clear.

ABCE is on Channel 386 is also on.
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would be nice if it stayed that way but I'm sure it's only temporary.
Unfortunately, channel 393 (and 392), the NBC HD equivalents are not available.
Last week it was CBS East channel 380 in the clear. This week it's channel 383 for the Purdue-Notre Dame Game. Every Saturday it seems they are putting one distant network in the clear.
I just notice that ABC 386 is also on. is in the clear.
LMckin said:
I just notice that ABC 383 is also on. is in the clear.
I think they turn these on when there is a problem with a local in a DMA. I have seen them put up a slate to tune to one of these channels when a local network is out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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