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Channel 88 is on for me

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i'm able to watch the MLB All-Star game on channel 88 which is FOX 5 from New York in HD. I just checked for the heck of it and the channel is on in addition to my local FOX HD Channel. So this poses a question. Why can't the other FOX games that are on Saturdays also be turned on? If local broadcasters are so worried about people not seeing there "Local Car Commercial Adds" why is this game on from New York? I just saw some local New York Commercials while watching the All-Star Game. Why does this issue have to be so hardline towards the baseball fans everywhere?
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NOW, you tell me, lol. This is like the Super Bowl. I'm sure this is a "backup" in case "the other" feed goes out, at least that what I saw posted about the Super Bowl.
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