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Channel 98 HD?

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First I have a SD only account, with no locals offerd here in my DMA.
Early this morning I noticed in my guide a new channel, 98just says HD in the description.. I just checked again at 430 and it's still there. Must be a mistake?
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I noticed this last night (I also have an SD receiver). It is probably just a mistake with the guide data and will probably be gone before anything is actually shown on that channel. NFLST HD channels would sometimes show up in the guide before the season started but would be gone before there was actually anything on those channels.

Oddly enough, if this channel does actually stay long enough to show HD programming, then parts of that image may be viewable (assuming the receiver doesn't correctly detect that it's a PPV channel). The only time I've seen this happen was last year when channel 94/730 MLBEI HD showed up in the guide. It was a baseball game and the screen showed a significantly enlarged baseball diamond graphic (that's in the top left of broadcasts) as well as other various extremely zoomed in parts of the screen. It was completely unwatchable but interesting to see how the receiver tried (and failed miserably) to decode the signal since it was MPEG2.
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