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I've watched today Channel 98 HD on DISH of Olympics soccer and am GREATLY Disappointed.

The picture is very light and hazy looking.

I can't imagine the smog in China is making this picture this bad.

It looks like NBC or DISH is sending out a pale washed out picture.

The other mirrored HD channel is the same.
I think it's 367.

Anyway, I hope someone can get the word out to NBC to get it together and improve the picture.

Also, on Universal HD I saw the USA vs. Japan soccer match and the picture was better on Directv. Better color saturation and slightly sharper. BUT the big thing was the audio on Directv was much better and louder. DISH was a lot lower volume.

There is also some pixelation on the Olympics logo animation with the soccer.

I hope this is not how the next two weeks will be on DISH with the Olympics.

Anyone else here please post if you are not having these problems.

I would rather pay if it means better picture and sound.

Thanks, bjf
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