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Charge remotes for upgrade??

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I just received 2 replacement HD DVR's for an old SD Tivo reveiver and a SD tuner. The only thing that came in the box was the receivers and card. No cables or converters, no remote and not even a power cord.

I called DTV and the rep told me I had to use the old ones from my old receivers. She didn't quite understand why the 10 year old Tivo remote wouldn't work with the new receiver. I asked to speak with someone else and was transferrred.

The new agent I spoke to apologized and after almost 40 minutes on the phone agreed to send the cables and converters but insisted on charging me for remotes. At that point I told him to cancel my service if he expected me to have 200+ channels and have to get up and walk to the TV every time I wanted to change them. He realized how stupid that sounded and after 20 more minutes figured out how to send me the remotes for free.

What is DirecTV thinking???
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Upgrades should always come with a remote....and replacements if an upgraded model....yeah shouldn't be that hard
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