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Charlie Talks about the 721

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The following is an excerpt from last weeks Retailer Charlie Chat

J. DeFranco -- Okay, got another question, this is from Mark at Star Gate. He says, are we ever going to see the twin tuner PVR? Also, are there plans to produce an HDTV PVR?

C. Ergen -- Twin tuners, that's Star 721 which we showed at Team Summit. I think our engineering team was going to have that out last year and as usual take a little longer. I've been playing with one at home, it's getting pretty close, but ...

Male (Peanut Gallery) -- Yeah, the 721 is actually is getting very close and we're excited to see that product launching actually the beginning of next month. Late this month we should start seeing quantities showing up in the market. There will be small quantities at first, but ramp up from there.

C. Ergen -- So about the first of June, so we're only about three weeks away from shipping that. I know you've still
got some software issues, right?

Male (Peanut Gallery) -- Right, we're very close, just a few minor ...

C. Ergen -- And you do have to hook up both tuners, that's the one thing I learned is you do have to hook up both tuners to make it work so you don't put it in just in the one tuner solution. So you do need, if there's only one receiver in the house use twin, but if you're going to go to multiple receivers, you're better off to use a quad, but it is a fantastic product.

You can read the rest of the transcript at http://ccbn.tenkwizard.com/filing.p...SC=ON&TC=FFFFFF&LK=0000FF&AL=cc0033&VL=cc0033
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Thanks Scott, That was alot of reading but I skimmed down through it .
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