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Charlie Wilson's War - Locked up after 5 minutes

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Has anyone else tried to download & watch 'Charlie Wilson's war' through DOD?

Yesterday, I downloaded both the SD & HD version of the movie. Both downloads completed successfully but the movie locked-up (and went to a black screen) in the exact same place, while Charlie is sitting in the hot-tub and asks for the volume on the TV set to be increased.

Both versions behaved exactly the same. I was unable to use fast-forward, rewind, 30-second skip/slip, replay. Pushing any of these buttons resulted in the commands being ignored. Stopping and resuming the recording had no effect either.
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bruinfever said:
I have had this happened to me recently on my HR20-700 (non-ce). On EVERY PPV I've ordered, whether it be DOD or regular PPV after 5 minutes it locks up EXACTLY in the same area, just like your case. I called DirecTV and got credits...
I spoke with DirecTV this morning and luckily it does not appear that I have been billed for either movie.

I thought it was just odd that both movies would lock up in the same exact spot.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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