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Chicago Area SysOp Question

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My building is looking to change SysOps with our contract soon to expire with MDU communications. We have not had a good experience with MDU. We were looking to possibly move over to Access Media 3, but I wanted to see if anyone had experience with them and what that was (good or bad).
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Very curious to know this too. MDU is HORRIBLE. Don't know how Directv is okay with companies running operations like this with their name on the product.
You are very fortunate to be in the one of best markets for competition with DirecTV service. Chicago is past the point of only have MDU and Comcast as options.

Have you contacted them?
THere's a company my building uses called USA Wireless. While they aren't the best at communicating with the customer or association ( I sit on the cmte that deals with them), they are very responsive in negotiating and pleasing us as homeowners and customers.
How about Onshore Networks?:D
I am curious as to how your experience with AM3 has been. I would like to hear your comments.
So far working with them has been pretty good. We haven't switched SysOps yet, cause we are stuck in a battle with MDU communications who is try to play hardball.

I have contacted DTV and now that they are involved things at least seem to be moving along.
When changing sysops in any competitive market, be sure to get the keys and/or consider changing locks on your equipment rooms/cabinets, taking a system hardware inventory, notifying bldg. security of the vendor change, etc. Unfortunately ill feelings can sometimes lead to sabotage that may not be immediately obvious (like swapping amps with one known to have a thermal intermittent or IMD problems).

I know this thread is pretty old, but I'm wondering if Monson ever went with AM3. If so, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on their service. I have been an AM3 customer for 4 years and haven't had a positive experience.
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