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Tawny's accusing Chuck of alcohol abuse, marijuana use, and steroid use. She also said he told her he knows how to get around baseball's drug testing.

Chuck'll have to up the ante here--he's only accused her of alcohol abuse.

Then again, Tawny said she attacked Chuck out of self-defense. While he was driving?

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Originally posted by John Corn
Only thing I can say at the moment is......what a mess, the kids are hurting the most in all this.
Yep. Totally agree. There's gotta be something we haven't heard yet. The beginning part of this still doesn't make sense to me. They must of been fighting for a while. It's effecting Chuck's pitching. It's not what it used to be, but maybe that's age, but I don't think so. It's just sad for the kids.

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Done as a (disgusting) public service to Tribe fans, since the worst of it will appear on Sportalk radio:


She makes some pretty outrageous claims about Charlie Finley and ducking baseball drug tests, among other things. Some of it is just pure character assassination.

It's obviously going to get ugly. It already is. I'm not going to read the Tawny's declaration, as I'm sure there are gross exaggerations on the part of both parties.

Even an amicable separation brings out anger and accusations (been there). I can't imagine what it's like to go through a really messy divorce, especially when there are kids involved.

Unless this adversely impacts Finley's pitching, I'm going to ignore it. I suspect Chuck won't be part of the Indians after another couple of months anyway.

I for one think it's really bad that any of this stuff is posted or aired.

It's one thing for all the info on a person like Strawberry who continually gets into trouble BUT personal matters such as this when there are kids involved should stay that way, IMO.
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