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Cincinnati installation included SWM!

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Typically only those with installation problems actually post, so I would like to report a very good install job in Cincinnati by Bluegrass...

First, they were running late, so I actually got a call saying when they would be here (nice). When the installer arrived, he indicated they were installing single wire multiswitch for the first time starting today!! He was just trained on the installation that morning, and I was his first SWM install!

The installation was very professional and went off without any problems (5 LNB Slimline, 2 HR21-100s, and 2 D11-100s, w/ SWM). I was prepared - had all cables labeled and knew exactly how I wanted everything routed. He did everything exactly as I requested and was a pleasure to work with.

Overall, I am pleased with Directv so far... much better than TWC (picture, HD selection, DVR, etc.).
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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