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Cinema Connection Kit Cost - New Install

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Got DIRECTV installed last month -- two rooms with HD, whole-home DVR, and the installer did a nice job. Everything is working fine so far.

The installer did not set up the Cinema Connection kit because 1) he could not connect the HD DVR (HR24-500) to our internet router because it is was in another room, and 2) he did not have any wireless connection kits with him. He had me talk to a DIRECTV rep when he was done and they recommended I go buy one at a store. At the time, I thought it was $100, so we haven't bothered.

I've since seen examples of people getting this device for less than $100 or for free. So is the CCK-W $100, or less than $100? Is it free for a new install? If so, what's the best way to get it? I know you can order it on their website, but I wanted to check on here first to see if there was a better way. I can install it myself.

Thanks for your help and for this site -- I have learned a lot!
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Log on to your account and look for the CCK self install. It could be about $30.

You can connect it like this [though there are other ways too]:

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To find the wireless Cinema Connection Kit log on to your account. Go to Account Overview. Go down to the My Programming, My Equipment, etc tabs. Click on the My Equipment tab. The banner on that tab is Receivers, Remotes, Cinema Connection Kit, ..
Click on the Cinema Connection Kit tab. There you see two options. Click the bottom one that says DIRECT CINEMA connection kit, self-install. That takes you to a page that shows all the options. You want the one in the middle.

There was a time when this was supposed to be included, but from what others are saying it does not necessarily seem to be that way anymore.
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