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Cleveland HD Local Guess

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Anyone have a guess as to what bird the Cleveland locals will be added to? Is their one bird that has more room on it than the other? Thanks.
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My guess is 129, however I get all of them OTA in all their uncompressed glory - subchannels and all :)
however I get all of them OTA in all their uncompressed glory - subchannels and all
Lucky you! I'm moving from Brunswick to Medina in 2 weeks, and finally have the opportunity to put up an OTA antenna. So I went and looked up Channel Masters on their website, since they've been recommended, and those monsters are a minimum 97" long...some up to 173"!!!

I don't think I need free HD OTA enough to justify looking at an 8 foot long monster antenna on my roof :(

So if they do go on 129, is there a way to get a one dish solution for a metal HD pack + locals?
To get 129 on a single dish is possible with a "Dish 1000".

BTW: Medina is not that far form here that you need a monster antenna to get the Cleveland locals. Heck, a Radio Shack cat. 15-2160 gets me WKBN-DT 24/7 from Youngstown (57 miles away).

Keep in mind that WKYC is leaving the low band VHF once WDLI-TV signs off of ch 17. We will not need the big VHF Low band antennas once that happens. Granted we will need a VHF High band element for WJW and WOIO (although I strongly believe WOIO is making a big mistake by insisting on staying on ch 10). Many UHF antenas can handle VHF high band signals as well.

Digital OTA reception is awesome! Try it before you knock it.
Thanks, I'll have to lookup that Radio Shack antenna.
I was going by what size antennaweb.org recommends, and comparing that recommendation to the Channel Masters distance ratings...hence the 'monsters' :)
That antenna is hard to find. I had to special order it from my local Radio Shack. It's not available on the web, and is only available at a local store. My local store (Parmatown) found one at the North Olmsted store. I guess I could have driven there but insted they shipped it to Parmatown for me. That may have been the last one at North Olmsted, however the stores can look up the inventoryof all the other stores. Before I bought mine, I tried to look up on the web forthe antenna myself. North Olmsted did not come up becuse the radius on the search engine is too small and not adjustable unless you put in a different zip code.
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