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Clipper Picture Remains Fuzzy

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LA Times free subscription required to read from the website. .

Nine days before opening one of their most anticipated seasons since arriving in Los Angeles from San Diego in 1984, the Clippers are still without a cable television deal. Talks with Fox Sports Net continue, the team and the cable network say, but there is a distinct possibility that the season will begin without a resolution.

Rest of the article below:

Barely a week before start of season, team is without a cable-TV deal. As of now, only 35 games scheduled to be shown.
By Elliott Teaford in Monday's LA Times
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At least the got Andre Miller. He is an awesome point guard and they are lucky to have him. Who knows what the Cavs are smoking letting him get away. I am biased. I saw him play for years as the point guard for the University of Utah.

I hope they get a deal, and I hope they can rise out of the shadow of the Lakers (not likely to happen).
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