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I'm watching the last of CNN/SI. It sounding like a playback of what they did with the channel over the years.

Okay, they're now showing the behind the scenes folks, and the anchors are inviting the crew to the front of the cameras. One is wearing, "I helped CNN & Sports Illustrated launch CNN/SI-The Sports News Network and all I got with this lousy T-Shirt December 12, 1996".

Commercials: Mantis Tiller & Life Alert. One more CNN/SI logo.

Okay, the slate now says: "Turner Networks has ceased operation of CNN/Sports Illustrated programming service nationwide. These circumstances are beyond Dish Network's control. For further information, please call 1-800-224-5372 or visit www.TurnerResources.com ."

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Here is the script that CNN/SI has sent our for CSR reps from Cable and satellite providers to use.

Why am I losing/are you taking off CNN/SI now?

The decision has been made by AOL Time Warner to cease operations of its CNN/Sports Illustrated network. We have numerous other network which offer sports and sports news, including (networks to be filled in by operator).

How do I contact CNN/Sports Illustrated?

You can receive more information by calling 1-800-224-5372.

Who made the decision to close CNN/SI?

It wasn’t ours. The decision was made by the executive management of AOL Time Warner, CNN/Sports Illustrated’s owners.

When does CNN/SI go off the air?

The final show will begin at 11:30PM (ET) on Tuesday, May 14th with the end of transmission occurring at or around 00:00 (ET) on Wednesday, May 15th.

Why May 15? What is the significance of that date?

There is no special significance to that date. It is simply the date by which they determined they can conclude the necessary business activity to cease business operations.

What network are you replacing it with?
(network to be filled in by operator).

How does this impact my bill? Will I be getting a refund?
(answer to be filled in by operator).
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