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Co. Criticizes Northpoint Plan; Is Decision Near?

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MDS America, the company that's eyeing the sharing of DBS spectrum for wireless services along with Northpoint Technology, criticized Northpoint's move to gain satellite licenses to supplement its proposed offering.

MDS told the Federal Communications Commission last week that Northpoint's idea of adding a satellite portion to its controversial spectrum-sharing plan is a ploy to avoid auctions for the wireless portion of DBS spectrum. Like Northpoint, MDS wants to share DBS spectrum for its wireless technology.

The company said of the Northpoint move, "its main purpose is not the receipt of authority to launch two satellites. Instead, the application is a pretext for fulfilling Northpoint's most cherished goal: a monopoly over 500 MHz of free terrestrial spectrum in the 12 GHz (DBS) band, no matter what it takes."

Satellite interests have been vigorously fighting Northpoint and the wireless spectrum-sharing effort at the FCC. They are concerned wireless technology that shares DBS spectrum will interfere with satellite signals.

In March, Northpoint Technology proposed to the FCC that the company use its own DBS satellites to supplement the proposed wireless offering.

It has been said in the press and elsewhere that the FCC is close to a decision concerning Northpoint and the wireless spectrum-sharing effort, known as multichannel video data and distribution service (MVDDS). According to sources, the FCC is ready to hand down a decision, details of which could come out today or sometime this week.

As of press time late Monday, there was no announcement about any decision.

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