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Color Problems

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Hi All -

I was wondering if anyone is having color problems with their 622? It seems to go from a pristine HD picture - to dark (greenish) back to bright pretty regulary...

I searched the forum and haven't seen a lot of comments on this (nothing since September)...

If I don't hear any other issues, I'll make a service call on my plasma...but wanted to check here first before I pay money for a service call...

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:welcome_s gobears72

Have not seen this myself. Is this something that happens occassionally? is it the whole picture? A picture of what you are seeing would help people identify if they are also seeing what you describe.

Also what channels are you seeing it on? OTA, Dish HD, Dish SD? What channel numbers. Is it specific to content or is it across the board.
Also are you using the HDMI output on the 622? It may be going out on you.
If you're using component video cables, try replacing the cables.
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