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Yeah, I just gave up figuring out anything when I read this in December:
There's no stability in the television programming world, as evidenced by the drama "Combat Hospital," which was riding high when it debuted this past June and had a number-one slot in the ratings but has now been cancelled.

Both Global in Canada and ABC in the States have given the once-popular and now-defunct program the axe.

...Critics are speculating that this may be the highest-rated Canadian-born show to have gotten the boot.
Then I realized that Canada only has about 1,000 troops left in Afghanistan in training roles. The Canadians are interesting in that they logically deal with policy issues and evaluate their successes and failures openly and candidly. From The Montreal Gazette:
The federal government quietly released on Thursday the final report on Canada's mission in Afghanistan, a document which shows mixed results on Canada's "signature" development projects.

While efforts in education and agriculture were successful, in others fields - such as polio eradication - Canada failed outright, according to the report.

Unlike the 13 previous quarterly reports, this one includes a reflective foreword penned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself.

"This provides an occasion for all Canadians to pause and reflect on what Canada has achieved in supporting international security and the dreams and aspirations of the Afghan people between 2008 and 2011, and on the work that remains to be done," Harper wrote.
From a story earlier this week:
"This is our generation's war, this is a test of perseverance," said [Canadian Defense Minister Peter] MacKay, whose country has about 1,000 troops in Afghanistan, largely doing training. "Our ability to carry through for the long-term security of not just Afghanistan but the region and also the entire world, so there is a lot at stake. Canada will be there with our NATO partners."
The Canadians were truly supportive of the U.S. after 9/11 and this show helped us to remember and appreciate that.

Anyway, Michelle Borth will be a series regular on "Hawaii Five-0." Elias Koteas will guest-star in the season finale of "Unforgettable." Huse Madhavji will be in the new NBC (but really Canadian) hospital drama "Saving Hope."

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phrelin said:
Anyway, Michelle Borth will be a series regular on "Hawaii Five-0."
She was before Combat Hospital too but only "regular" as far as maybe 3 episodes a season. I could go for more Michelle on 5-0.

I knew the ratings for Combat Hospital were high that's why I kind of assumed it would be coming back. :(

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That's too bad, I really liked that show. But I really like Michelle Borth's character on 5-0 as well. I look forward to seeing more of her.
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