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Comcast Sports Net Plus Chicago - HD??!?

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Cubs tonight are on CSNC+, 666. If I go to 666-1 (formerly 668-1 I believe), it says upcoming..something that is sports and has no picture no sound...

Any idea where the HD feed is at for Comcast Sports Net Plus Chicago!? We had it before the channel changes!!!

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Just went to the DirecTV site and it shows on the schedule that it is not in HD!
Comcast shows the game available in HD and Directv customers should tune to 668-1, No luck! :nono:
Anybody try calling D* yet? I know what a can of worms that can be.
Thanks D*. Swap channel assignments and screw up Chicago! You won't get too many complaints on this one.
Then somebody should let Len, Bob and the guys running the score "scroll" know because all are referencing tonight's game as being in HD.:rolleyes:
cmasia said:
The scroll on the bottom of the SD channel says the game is available in HD on CSNC+HD

This is a Directv screwup according to CSN. The game is in HD on comcast, saw it with my own eyes and this image is on the CSN website.

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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