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come back offer

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I got this in the mail today. Since Uverse won't be available at our new house, it's either come back to DirecTV with my name, or have the wife become a new customer.

Here's the deal they sent. All new equipment, free HD receiver or dvr upgrade. Choice package for $29.99 a month or Choice extra for $34.99 a month. Both get to that price with a $10 automatic credit and a $13 mail in rebate.

It's either that deal, or whatever deal the wife can get as a new customer. I assume with us be AAA members, she'd get two dvrs free and all else I've seen in the thread about it. If I came back, we'd have one new dvr and reactivate two of our D*Tivos. Guess I'll have her call and see what deal she can get, then go from there.

How does the deal they sent me, compare to new customer deals new subs have recently gotten?
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