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So I cancelled 12 year service 16 months ago for a year assignment overseas. I have been back 4 months and decided to go with TimeWarner (Spectrum) + TiVo. Mostly because I have 8 TVs (yes that is ridiculous) and even though the sunk cost in TiVo was a large amount it's CapEx vs. OpEx. There is resale value in that investment. However, I am just tired of tuning adapter issues, TiVo bugs, + I think TiVo is just reeling right now. They still don't have a current/correct lineup for my area.

With that being said I know I am going to pay more for DirecTV but I just want something that works. I have a ton of questions, hopefully someone can help me out as I just haven't kept up with them since I left. I did some searching but not sure I have a clear picture:

  1. Will I surely get an HR54 if I order now or will I have to send the installer away with older gear?
  2. What client will they give me C41/51/61. I know I want to buy some 4K TVs can I insist on C61s where I will put them? All wired, no need for wireless. Do I care what client they give me?
  3. What LNB will the put in and which one should I insist on? I thought they had a SWM-16 LNB now that did not require a multi-switch? Not that it matters that much but would prefer not to have a multi-switch for anal-retentive reasons. ;) Single cable from dish to splitter is preferred. Again, no real reason why I care but I do;
  4. I saw the buzz around the HS17, which seems to be closer to the Hopper capabilities, the thread shows anyone can upgrade to this---I realize this is speculation but is there any reason to doubt this? I am fine with the HR54 but will be irritated if I can't upgrade to the new system when it is released. Any tricks here? I know, 1st world problems.
  5. I was very confused on tuner usage on the HR54 with my searches:
  • I keep reading that it can support up to (8) clients (I only need 7) but only (3) can be in use at a time. Is that simultaneous live TV or watching recordings or both? I almost never have (3) TVs in use and I know I never have (3) watching live TV.
  • If no clients are in use can it truly record (5) simultaneous channels?
    • If it is recording (5) can I have (3) clients watching recordings?
  • I can buy an HR24 on SolidSignal (have not priced it through DirecTV) for $200. Would it make more sense to do maybe (5) Cx1 clients and (2) HR24s? I know that is $400 up front. Or go with (7) Cx1 clients I like (1) DVR for the whole house but I if it does only support (3) clients doing ANYthing then maybe it makes sense to buy more tuners.
Thanks so much in advance for any help/advise.

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1. Only if you order 4K, otherwise you may get a 44 or 54

2. Any. You will only get a C61K if you order 4K services. Keep in mind that a C61 and C61K are not the same. It doesn't really matter what you get, with the exception of the C61K they are all the same.

3. You can't insist on anything. The LNB they give depends on your programming package that you order. Order 4K and you will get a reverse band LNB. As long as you keep below 13 tuners you will definitely get a SWM LNB instead of a SWM switch.

4. Of course you will be able to upgrade to the HS17, the question is for how much.

5. An HR44/54 can support up to 8 clients but you can only watch 3 at the same time. If no clients are being used you can record 5 shows and you can watch 3 record things at the same time.

It is recommended that you get more tuners for that many TVs, wether those tuners are DVRs or HD receivers will depend on how much you want to spend up front.

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