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Comments I received from Zinwell about cascading a power passing splitters

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I was talking with someone in email from Zinwell about their WB68 switches and how to best connect them for people who need more than 8 outputs.

Basically a guy there named Jason said that there is no reliable way to cascade or use power passing splitters with the WB68. He said for more than 8 you "need" the WB616.

Here is what he said about cascading them.

"If you doing the cascading, you will have the power consumption problem. So, this will not work for the WB 68."

And here is what he said about the power passing splitters.

"If you are using power passing splitter to extend 16 outputs, you will loss the signal for the 22kHz inputs. That's mean you not be able to receive some channal from SAT 110 or SAT 119."

I should note that I passed him that sample picture of the powered splitters connect directly to the lines from the AT9 and then each splitters output going to the 4 inputs on each WB68. So his above comment is in reference to that PDF sample mentioned on various topics on here.

This info may have already been posted, but I figured I would post the comments from the Zinwell guy.
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belboz said:
If you read my post I mentioned I sent him the diagram.
Where can I find the diagram? On another thread? Thanks!
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