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In a battle concerning the broadcast of the 2002 World Cup to Mexico's soccer-hungry fans, a federal judge in Los Angeles rejected arguments from Mexico's Televisa to litigate its World Cup coverage dispute with DirecTV Latin America in Mexico, requiring Televisa to comply with DirecTV's demand that arbitration in the matter proceed in the United States.

DirecTV Latin America has asserted in pending arbitration that Televisa breached an obligation to black out certain broadcasts of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan Championships that were being delivered to Mexico. Disputes which will be arbitrated in the case include, among others, issues related to a letter of credit in favor of DirecTV Latin America and a $10 million termination penalty against Televisa, DirecTV Latin America said in a statement.

The arbitration case will be held in Los Angeles before the American Arbitration Association, the company said.

From SkyReport (Used with Permission)
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