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Complete email system on USB keydisk (or other portable media)

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Now this is pretty cool:

October 14, 2002
Mail to Go

By Edward Mendelson

Product: PocoMail Portable Edition

PocoMail Portable Edition ($39.95 list) is a secure mail client that you can carry with you on removable media such as a USB keychain-style disk, PC Card, miniature drive, or Zip disk. Carry the complete mail program with you without installing it on remote computers. You can store messages on the portable medium, and the program leaves no indication of its presence when you're done. We were impressed that we couldn't find a single trace in the registry or any new files on the hard drive.


Now that's cool.
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I just checked out the manufacturer's website; you can even store your emai system on MP3 devices like the iPod or Creatives MuVo or Nomad. Wild.
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